Are you creating a STEM Summer Program at your school?

Hands 4 Building products are a perfect solution for your STEM maker space or classroom environment.

Students work individually or in teams to build real-world model structures. Every project has it’s own set of blueprints. The blueprint for the side of the structure being built is pinned to a piece of the foam core board included in your Starter Kit. The foam core board defines the child’s workspace and allows for convenient storage between building sessions. Each two-dimensional side of a project has an individual blueprint making it easy to incorporate teamwork into your woodworking and engineering program. For example, three to four students can build one model house or model barn project. Each student will use their own blueprint to measure, saw and glue one wall of the structure. The team collaborates to create a finished structure. Measuring and gluing are done at the student’s individual workspace and a separate workshop area in your maker space is designated for sawing.  


Students measure their basswood on their project blueprint and then take the measured piece of wood to a workshop miter box to saw.

Whether you are setting up your woodworking and engineering curriculum for Kids & Teens (8-12 year olds) or Little Hands (3-7 year olds), you will want one Hands 4 Building workshop per 5 to 6 builders. One Starter Kit includes EVERYTHING you need for one tabletop workshop. You receive the Hands 4 Building miter box, 2 inch C-clamps, hobby saw and safety glasses as well as project blueprints and sustainable basswood for your first projects. If 10 -12 students are participating in building during the same work period, set up two table top workshops on one table. Students measure and glue at their own table and do all of their sawing at the shared workshop area.


It works well to set up one area of your maker space or classroom for your tabletop workshops.

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