Engineering  4  Kids & Teens

Our series of (40+ ) online instructional videos are designed for students to “watch and do,” “watch and do.” Each two-minute video provides the opportunity for kids and teens to watch the step-by-step process they will be engaged in for each section of their project. Students are introduced to real-world construction terminology and are excited to relate this terminology to their own piece of work.

Our online instructions guarantee success!

First, follow the series of videos demonstrating the set-up and use of the Hands 4 Building tabletop Workshop. Next, follow the series of videos to build your practice piece. Last, follow the series of videos for the project you are constructing.

Update for barn and bridge projects: 
All angles are now 90 or 54 degrees.


Furniture Instructions

Click here for dining table 
Click here for bench  
Click here for work bench
Click here for bunk bed
Click here for single bed



Engineering 4 Little Hands

Our step-by-step directions empower parents and teachers to instruct a 3 -7 year old on proper use of the tabletop Workshop and the construction of each geometric shape and vehicle project.

Set up your Workshop and build geometric shapes.


Build vehicle projects; airplane, helicopter, sailboat and truck.



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LH Curriculum

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