Why Hands 4 Building?

Hands 4 Building is a unique experience. Unlike manufactured kits with plastic snap together pieces, children measure and saw the parts that are used to create model structures. Students learn to use real tools, real blueprints and real basswood providing the opportunity for real-world application and trial and error learning. Our online curriculum videos guarantee success. 

Have Hands 4 Building products been market tested?

Yes, Hands 4 Building was a successful STEM summer enrichment program for 21 years. We took everything we learned from serving 1000+ students and created an affordable Workshop and building experience for your classroom or home environment.

All of our blueprints, Workshop supplies and consumable materials have been field-tested to guarantee success!

What makes Hands 4 Building an affordable product for the home or classroom environment?


The Workshop items included in Hands 4 Building Starter Kits are high quality and will last for years to come. Additional Project Packs and Refill Packs can be purchased separately when your Starter Kit project(s) are complete.

What is the age range for Hands 4 Building products?

Engineering 4 Kids & Teens is designed for students 8-14 years old. Our sequential online watch and do, watch and do curriculum videos empower students to be independent with the building process. Set up a Hands 4 Building corner in your classroom or home.

Our Engineering 4 Kids & Teens projects also provide an opportunity for the entire family to work together. Younger children can participate in the building experience with adult supervision and involvement.

Engineering 4 Little Hands is designed for children 5-9 years old. Our step-by-step curriculum empowers parents and teachers to instruct the young student in proper use of the Workshop and building process.

Can I adapt Hands 4 Building for multi-use settings?

A Hands 4 Building Workshop can easily be mounted on any tabletop in a classroom or home environment. Projects can be adapted for individual or teamwork. There are approximately 15-20 hours of building time involved in our Kids & Teens projects. There is approximately one hour of construction time involved in each Engineering 4 Little Hands geometric shape project and 3 - 4 hours of construction time for each vehicle project.

How can I expand the building experience?

After Kids & Teens projects are constructed and framed, children love to add finishing touches. Add exterior walls and finishes to the house and barn. Use scrap pieces of basswood to frame doors and windows and design and build furniture. Add blade extensions to your windmill project and extend the lesson to enrich a STEM unit.

After Little Hands projects are constructed and the glue is dry, children enjoy painting their structures to make each one unique.

Can I use the Hands 4 Building Workshop again and again?

Yes, the Hands 4 Building Workshop tools and supplies are designed for use with all Hands 4 Building projects.  Add-On Project Packs and Refill Packs will affordably replenish your building experience for years to come.

Can I use one Hands 4 Building miter box for Engineering 4 Kids & Teens projects and Engineering 4 Little Hands projects?

No, the miter box for the Engineering 4 Little Hands projects has been adapted for little hands. The slot is designed to support a thinner piece of basswood making it easier for the young student to learn to use a real hobby saw. The angles on the Little Hands miter box correlate to specific geometric shapes.