Real World Application for the Hands 4 Building Model House Project! This is STEM!

Kids & Teens love to measure, saw, glue and assemble their own model house. They measure each piece of sustainable basswood directly on the project blueprint. There is a unique blueprint for each wall of the Model House Project.  After the basswood is measured, it is brought to the Hands 4 Building miter box to saw. The angles on the project blueprint correlate to the angles on the miter box.  This allows the student to align their measurement in the miter box and create a perfect cut. The cut piece of basswood is pinned in place on the blueprint that has been secured to the Hands 4 Building foam core board.

STEM Building model house

Students measure, saw and glue one wall of the Model House Project at a time. Unlike manufactured kits with pre-cut plastic pieces, kids & teens have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

students measure and saw

students clamp walls

When all four walls of the house are complete, the walls are assembled to create a finished structure. Students relate their own project to a real house going up in the neighborhood.  As students follow the 2 minute “watch and do”, “watch and do” online instructional videos, they are introduced to real-world construction terminology. Students identify the rafters, studs, door headers, window headers and window sills on their own piece of work. They experience how a blueprint converts to a finished structure and understand the significance and importance of following a plan.  

4 walls of model house

Finished model house


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