Add Hours of Creative Fun to the Model House Project!

The Hands 4 Building Model House Project is a great team project. Four students can work together to frame the four walls of a house. When the structure is complete, there are hours of creative fun ahead.  Use the poster board included in the Starter Kit - Engineering 4 Kids & Teens as a template for adding outside walls to the framed Model House Project. Purchase additional poster board at a local craft store.  We recommend using crayons, colored pencils or colored poster board to highlight finishing touches on each sidewall. Poster board tends to buckle when painted.  Add poster board and materials of your choice to create a unique roof on the model house project. Poster board is easily secured to the framed house with the glue included in the Starter Kit – Engineering 4 Kids & Teens.

Model House Project 01

Model house project 02

Another fun extension to the model house project is to use leftover wood to frame doors and windows. Wouldn’t it be fun to add a cute window box with flowers?

Model House Project 03Model House Project 04Model House Project 05

And that completed Practice Piece Project?  It makes a perfect foundation for a porch. It’s just the right size when placed outside the front door of the Hands 4 Building Model House Project.  Cover the foundation with poster board and build outdoor furniture with leftover wood!

Model house project 06 modern house prject


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